Shelf Duffel

Shelf Duffel - student project

Name: Shelf Duffle

Retail Price: $80-$100 for 22x14x9, smaller version $50-$60, larger version $110-$130

Description: A duffle bag for easy traveling and packing to keep you organized everywhere you go.

Why my products the best: saves time in packing, environmentally friendly, easy to pack, versitile use in many traveling situations, lighting system on bag to find what your looking for if no power or camping, simple collapsable system

Target Customers: Weekend travelers, people who like to camp, parents of young kids who are divorced (for smaller version), overall target age 20-40.

Where i'll be selling my rpoduct: My own website, a link through my blog, affiliate sales, and retail stores

Competitors: Samsonite and other luggage companies, Nike, Addidas, and other sports bag companies, a hanging version (can't think of the priduct name)

My product vs. the competition: My product stands out from the rest of the competition because there is no other free standing built in collapsable system like it.  It will have many features to make it stand out, like a LED lighting, jewelry holders, and clips/hooks to hang things at your destination.  My only direct competitor has a simple hanging version which is not as practical because you alwasys need a bar to hang it from and you have to lift the weight overyour head.  With my freestanding model, no extra lifting is needed.  Also, shelves are sturdy in the shelf duffle vs the competitions sag.  A light, durable, easy to use and time saving product for your getaway!  Packing tips and suggestions will be included to get the most our of you bag!


The shelf duffle is a free standing  tri-level collapsing shelving system that fits nicely into a duffle bag.  This product is designed for the weekend traveler who likes to be neat and organized.  The inventor is an avid traveler who hates living out of a duffel bag and can never find what she is looking for when she travels.  Hence, we have the solution to the problem.  Now, you pack once!   When you get to your destintion, you simply open the duffle bag, pull up the shelfs and everything is right ehere you packed it.  Here is a sketch design on what the product opened will look like.

Shelf Duffel - image 1 - student project

I have built the preliminary design to make sure my concept works and help to find the right design team to make sure my materials are correct.  Shelves will be equally spaced and all kinks worked out, so bear with me on my first go around for functionality.  Here's where i'm at so far!  Let mek now what you think!

Shelf Duffel - image 2 - student project

Ultimately, I will be manufacturing my product overseas (probably China).  I beleive all the parts I need to build this to the standards I desire will be met more affordably if I produce it outside the US.  I have met with a couple of local developers who have all advised going over seas so I keep the cost low and profit margin high.  My goal is produce the original prototypes here in the US and if possible use as many US companies as I can. 

3 Qualities of my ideal factory would be:

1) English Speaking

2) Great track record, including length of time in business, testimonials (client satisfaction)

3) Use materials I am intersted in for my product