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Sheffield Wednesday Kit

I am going to take my inspiration from several high points from recent times with Sheffield Wednesday looking back at the league Cup success in 1991, making two Cup Finals in 1993 and most recently winning promotion in 2012 and to use these classic designs as a basis for my own project.

With the club crest I want to look at including mixed elements of the older design with current badge with my own twison also taken in to effect, the club motto isn't used on the club crest and I think this is something that should be included.

I will also look to use inspiration from kits of other times but the main focus will be the time periods as outlined earlier.

Design & Iteration

I have come up with 3 concept designs based on the classic striped designs of shirts worn by Sheffield Wednesday in the past.  I have retained the classic stripe design from my chosen inspiration period but also looked at other periods for ideas to base my concept designs on.  

Kit 1

  This kit I have opted for a wider stripe pattern and used the ideThor the current kit supplier Puma and its Puka King template of the double lines, having these running along the front of the shoulder to the rear of the neck breaking up the usual stripe turning top to bottom.  I have also incorporated this into the shorts and socks to keep this theme running.

With the shirt the sides would have breathable panels to aid the players in performing comfortably and effectively by having this ventilation incorporated in the kit.

Kit 2

  With this second design I have gone a little different with the whole kit having white shorts and socks but mainly playing with the design of the stripes and having them get shorter across the kit.  This kit I think would be a controversial design due to the stripe choice and the shorts and socks colours.

Kit 3

This third design I have again opted for full length classic stripes, true Sheffield Wednesday look about this whole kit, not having stripes on the sleeves breaks it up but you still have them broken up with the design I have opted for. 

With the final design I will look to incorporate a modified club crest and incorporate elements I fell are missing from the current crest/kits.

further inspiration images

A fourth design, this time including thChiluba badges, sponsor and current kit supplier logos also with the league styled numbers in place.

This design I have taken the pin stripe idea from the 2012 kit and used this as the main basis across the shirt, I have also included the club motto Consilio et Animis on the rear of the shirt below the collar.

A play on the stripes again, I think this is the only way to make the changes, p,ayung with stripe size or having some interruption in the stripes to give a different look/feel.  Also the positioning of the club crest and sponsors logo will change the look.

Something a little different with this kit.

here is a play on the badge design also.

The final design I opted to go with the pinstripe option, something breaking from the normal stripe design used in recent years but still the classic blue and white stripes.  The collar I went with a full collar in black to add some variation to the colour scheme and break up the value and white, this would also be accompanied by black shorts and blue socks, again using a minimal classic design, sticking to the well known idea of what people see as a Sheffield Wednesday kit.


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