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Sheepin' Around

I had a great time doing this project. Nadine's instructions were very easy to follow along with, and I COULD NOT be more satisfied with my final product. Seriously! I am so happy with it. 

I didn't use the same colors that Nadine used in the video. For my background, I chose different shades of blue: teal to baby blue to more of a pthalo blue. 

Then, I added my field in a nice salmon color - something to contrast with the blues. 
I'm not the best with blocking out the field spaces, so there were pretty big gaps in my field that look a lot like rivers, but I'm okay with it. It's different and cool. 

Finally, I added my sheep.
Because the gaps in my field were so big and I made my sheep pretty small, I felt like my painting needed something extra. So I went beyond the instructions and painted a pretty tree in the middle in a bright, contrasting red to really make the picture pop. 

Then, I painted the sides of the canvas red as well, to frame the painting and to tie in the red in the tree. 

I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for an awesome class, Nadine! I want to make another one :)


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