Shed Lightboxes

Shed Lightboxes  - student project

UPDATE : 27th MAY - See  bottom

Light Shed Lightboxes is a new project my husband and I are working on. We are from Auckland New Zealand, and can't wait to turn these ideas into reality!

After searching and searching for a vintage lightbox I could "rebrand" (do a handdrawn typographic treatment on) to hang in my lounge - with no success, we decided to make our own... if I wanted one so bad, surely more people out there could be looking for this kind of product?

There came Shed Lightboxes. 

Taking inspiration from old industrial outdoor lightboxes. We want them to be a unique, handmade, quality product. Our main difference will be that they will be made from recycled wood, and will display a range of typographic images. 

"Quality will always be fashionable" I want all the small things to be what make this product desireable. The craftmanship, attention to detail, unique processes an qualty materials.

I need to design the logo - which will appear on one of the sides of the box. And any other details that will sit on the box branding wise.


Shed Lightboxes  - image 1 - student project


This is some inspiration about the processes I would like to use to brand the boxes. Including a material 'clothing' label poking out of the wood stating it's handmade quality.

Shed Lightboxes  - image 2 - student project


Shed Lightboxes  - image 3 - student project


Initial sketches and name generating before settling on the name Light Shed. 

Shed Lightboxes  - image 4 - student project


Initial rough sketches after settling on the name Light Shed. 

Need to do a lot more exploration and introduce further information that will appear on the label / lightbox.

Shed Lightboxes  - image 5 - student projectShed Lightboxes  - image 6 - student project

testing inverted techniques - using neuramy as a template

Shed Lightboxes  - image 7 - student project

Here's another interpretation playing with negatives.  Might be too solid for what I would be using it for though.

Shed Lightboxes  - image 8 - student project

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