She wasn't one for emptying her face of expression. | Skillshare Projects

She wasn't one for emptying her face of expression.

I was very excited to try this lesson because as a graphic design student who loves reading, handlettering is like my two favourite things came together. Visualised words!

"She wasn't one for emptying her face of expression." is a sentence from JD Salinger's Franny&Zooey, about Franny whom I see myself in a little. So I wanted to catch her character in the tumbnails first, using her profile or head silhoutte.


Then imlpying an expression rather than using the whole head seemed more appropriate.


I can go ahead and call this "why shouldn't you handletter in a dark room and importance of using a compass" but it's my first handlettering so I am content with it. I tried to give it a bit unworldly feeling with the dots and the stars because Franny very much lives in her world of ideas rather then reality. She has this spiritualism.

I am very much afraid of inking without a lightbox or transparent papers but I'll try my best. Any input appreciated! 


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