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"She had the CHUTZPAH to use that word?"

Eh? pretty ok. Though I'm realizing not really similar to the super flourished examples...

Above: best so far.  I like the way the letters are starting to match each other, albeit the capital C is in shambles, and the z could use some sort of CPR. 

Above: nice final letters, but a little too femme. Thoughts?



What an excellent word! I chose it because not only is it expressive, it has nice design features like ascenders, descenders, options for swooshes and tie ins, some pieces to work on. 

Chutzpah is a Yiddish word, meaning the quality of audacity, or bravery, for better or worse. It traditionally had a quite negative connotation. It was used to describe a person who was impudent or arrogant. Some of that has changed in modern usage. I take it to mean someone who has guts, is unafraid of bucking the norm. Some UrbanDictionary synonyms are cojones, bravado, balls. 

The word to me has some pretty masculine undertones. I was starting to write it in cursive, in my very feminine script. Obviously not working for the illustration. The more I looked around, the more I liked the look of hand painted signage and lettering from the 50-60's. Butcher shop adverts and the neon paint family owned grocery store signs saying "Fresh Milk". I have started a pintrest page for inspiration. Link to come. 

Any critical feedback welcome and wanted! Please take a look at my sketches and holler with whatever you think, and I'll do the same for you!


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