Aimee Nusz

editor/layout designer



She dared

Man, this was scary. I am a lettering dabbler. I don't have fun pens. I come from a rigid newspaper layout background. Freedom? Scary.

So, I dared.


I have Pigma pens, but none would do for my fat letters except a Flipchart chisel. The other pens I used include a two-sided calligraphy pen, a Pentel felt tip, and a Precision pen. My stick eraser is grape scented.


Those W's gave me trouble!

And here's the final pen drawing. Way crooked on the paper. So I scanned it and made it into a vector as explained in the supplemental material.


Cleaned up and vectorized. I didn't make it pristine since it is supposed to look hand lettered, but I did fix some spacing issues and straightened some crookedness.


I'm surprised I didn't add flourishes since they always appear in my doodles. I'm quite proud of my R in dares.

Thanks for a great class, Teela. I've been wanting to learn this for ages. I need to get myself a brush pen and choose another quote.


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