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She Said : A band logo for a good friend

Update : 2014.02.13

After finally working thru a ton and i m ean a TON of studies, I have finally arrived at something that I like. Suggestions as to what direction I should take was good, Thanks, but the script logo just didn't feel too indie rock (if that means anything) 

So, This is what I cam up with : 

This logo I can see being printed on a tshirt;. Still needs a bit of fine tuning but at least 70% of the heavy lifting is done. :) what do you guys think?

Update : 2014.02.02 

I made more letterform / logo studies and I'm leaning towards this type of design I feel like i'm 50% there. Concept wise is strong, I'm using the S and D to envelope the whole logo into a dialogue box. Get it? What do you think? Any other suggestions?

Update : My Initial Letterform experiments. I'm still planning to make more I know I'm not yet there.


A good friend of mine has been bugging me to create a logo for their band. I've always been fascinated with Simon's way of creating distressed hand-drawn vintage type. So it was a perfect opportunity for me to dabble a bit on hand lettering. My friend's band name is She said.

I'm still sketching out a possible layouts for the band and how I can play with the letterforms So pardon the lack of photos. I'll upload some later on the day. :) 

I'm hoping I get some excellent critique from you guys


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