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She Just Writes: An Online Network for Women Writers

Hey everyone!

Here goes nothing… I have started a network specifically catering to women writers. It was born out of necessity, since most of my socialization as a “hermit” writer is generally nonexistent. Thus, She Just Writes was created as a community that offers information, tips, tools and services to women writers looking to have their voices make greater impact in the world through the written word.

***Disclaimer: I am a writer. So, I am wordy by nature. I dump now, edit later. If you can make it through ALL THESE WORDS, I would love your feedback. Thanks!***

Feel free to visit the website as well. ----->

Please describe your brand in 3-5 sentences. Not what you believe, but what the customer believes.

She Just Writes is a platform where the voice of the woman writer is encouraged, refined, praised and highlighted. It's a safe haven for women writers to grow, learn and network as only women writers know how.


11 Questions

1. What is Marketing for?

Marketing is a form of expression with the specific task to pique and tap the interest(s) of a specified audience member known and specifically targeted by the She Just Writes Network. Marketing generates and speaks penetrating language to an anticipating consumer. Marketing is the system of “language food” that feeds the anxiously hungry consumer.

2. What are we allowed to touch?

As the founder of She Just Writes, I touch everything. I make decisions on the imaging and design of the network’s branding, usability of the web portal and platform, distribution of content to the consumer, etc. I create and approve marketing campaigns, and compose new marketing and sales strategies. Everything is up for grabs, and I touch it all. 

3. What can we as marketers measure?

She Just Writes measures the company’s digital impact in the women writers’ community. This can be calculated by the number of subscribers to the SJW blog, newsletter, social media networks (Facebook and Twitter), open forums, job boards, collaborative e-spaces, e-courses and webinars. The numbers of subscribers on these platforms can help determine the planned and achieved conversion rate(s) of dedicated (free) followers into paying customers. All of the SJW platforms have free versions with the option to upgrade to a paid membership/enrollment available.

4. What can we change?

She Just Writes endeavors to change public perception of women writers in the authorship and publishing, blogging and online content, screenwriting and PR and social media development market place. Women writers are to be taken seriously and not just considered equals in the sense of sameness, but counted worthy to carry the title of writer proudly alongside male cohorts. 

She Just Writes upholds the notion that women writers are a necessary and welcomed additions to the world’s illustrious group of storytellers. From evangelists to orators, motivational speakers, bloggers, social media strategists, authors, editors, journalists, screenwriters, to every pen-wielding, traditionally salaried or freelancing professional far, wide and in-between, women are a necessary voice.

She Just Writes is dedicated to changing the internal perception of the women writer within herself. She is no longer held hostage to the struggles of presumed external limitations. She is confident in her voice and her addition to the human diaspora. She transcends boundaries and writes like she means it because her life depends on it. She Just Writes is her war cry, mantra and lullaby. She is unashamed of the badge of honor she dons: I AM WRITER, HEAR MY STORY!

5. What promise are we going to make?

To the Company:

She Just Writes promises to be an establishment rooted in integrity with the sole mission and responsibility to create and maintain a platform that inspires, motivates, trains and highlights women writers. She Just Writes is not a platform for male bashing or strictly feminist ideals. Instead it is a space where the woman writer is welcomed, appreciated and revered.

To Consumers:

She Just Writes promises to develop, manufacture and distribute products that are rooted in integrity and purposely created to inspire, motivate train and highlight the woman writer.

She Just Writes promises that ample amounts of thought, care and study have been put into any piece of literature, class offering, webinar, forum discussion, that is distributed, promoted, endorsed or recommended by the network.

She Just Writes promises that the success of every aspiring woman writer is at the forefront of our thought process when we develop articles, newsletters, online courses, collaborative spaces, job boards, webinars, etc.

6. What’s the hard part?

Getting focused and developing the actual work/materials to offer to our community

Identifying and anticipating the needs of our target audience

Creating a team that understands the above needs and executes campaigns that gain results

Trusting that the She Just Writes platform is a necessary component in the literary world.

Asking for help

7. Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

She Just Writes follows trends like online learning, collaborative spaces and online content sharing and tailors them specifically for the needs, wants and desires of women writers. In the publishing realm, She Just Writes sets trends by creating new and innovative methods for publishing and distributing the voices of She Just Writes members.

8. Where is the risk?

As a marketer, I am taking the chance of campaigns, marketing strategies, and call to actions, etc. not producing the desired conversion rates.  

As a brand, She Just Writes runs the risk of being overshadowed by bigger brands in the writing, publishing and information provider arena. Also, there is a risk that women are just more interested in raising families, fashion, social media and working to survive. So, their desire to share story can be easily overshadowed by the need to survive, or distracted by passing whimsies.

Consumers of She Just Writes merchandise and subscriptions run the risk of not changing the world or their lives as they had hoped to do when initially engaged and convinced to interact with and subscribe to She Just Writes products and services.

9. Who is in charge?

I Am.

10. Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

Salaries for a kick-ass team

Sponsorships for causes, initiatives, events and personal stories that connect with the She Just Writes mission and that will ultimately add revenue to the bottom line in the form of money, key relationships or leveraging human capital.

Publishing and licensing

Riders, speaker fees, etc. to book key individuals for She Just Writes’ online and on-location events

11. How should we be spending our time?

Creating necessary and anticipated products and services for a ripe and waiting market of women writers

Creating bigger more lucrative connections with key individuals and companies that share or have complementary ideals as She Just Writes. Thus, catapulting the network into a household name.


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