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She Got Her Hair Matching Her MakeUp

Her whole life revolved around color, she was an artist in every sense of the word and she saw the world in brighter hues than the rest of them, so often she had a hard time figuring out a way to express herself until she gained the ability to add more color to the world both on canvas and through her eyes & locks of hair. She had a love for each and every color, but found happiness in the brightest of colors. She added different colors to her hair but always went back to her favorite shade of turquoise which brought out the hazel in her eyes. She liked to match her makeup to her hair, she liked to be the bright pop of color in someone's day and bring smiles to strangers' faces. She liked to be memorable, so she always stayed shining. Nothing could make her world less bright.

Her second look is more mysterious, more smoked and winged out and it gives her confidence. The purple and asphalt silver bring out the hazel in her eyes and she wear this look with her head held high. 


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