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Jennilyn Nevins

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She Believed She Could... So She Did

I have choosen to use this project as the beginnings of a Christmas present for my sister- Jessilyn. The quote that I ahve choosen basically sums her up- a girl who makes things happen and is unwaivering in her determination to achieve!

Here is the quote and my related-word brainstorm:

Now for my mood board. I tried to choose things that represent the color, asthetic, and feeling that I want to portray. It's mostly about my sister's taste, but also incorporates things that I'd be happy with in the finished product.

Sketching Letters and Layouts

So.... I'm not that amazing at sketching yet. I can't seem to let my mind go long enough to come up with something original. 

I'm also struggling with the layout because the same word ("she") is used multiple times. I was considering this block type layout so I only used "she" once, but it really doesn't jive with the feminine look I'm going for.



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