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Morgan McDonald




She Believed She Could….

Olivia Smith was the first African American female to own her own business in a federal building in the State of Michigan. DeAllen Jewelry & Gifts was located on Lafayette Blvd. in Downtown Detroit. I found this to be an inspiration to me because I myself am an African-American female entrepreneur. I am also very proud to say that Olivia Smith is my Great-Aunt. Her accomplishment embodies the quote, which serves as a reminder to me, “She believed she could, so she did.” This project is dedicated to her as a thank you for being an inspiration.

Original Photo

I used the clone stamp tool to remove some creases from the photograph.

Draft - My first shot at the pen tool was a little off around her ear, so I tried it again for the final image.

Final Image

I turned it into a black and white image, which I thought would pop well against the solid color background. I also used a subtle drop shadow on her outline and the words "believed", "could", and "did" to add more depth to the photo. Giving those 3 words different fonts and colors was important because I wanted them to stand out the most. The script font is Zapfino and the san serif font is Helvetica Neue. I like the mix of old and new between the fonts and the photo.


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