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Rey Derito

Brooklyn in da house!



Shark Logo

So I decided to try with a shark for the mark (rhyme not intended). 

Finding images for the moodboard was fairly straightforward but choosing one to work with  took me more than I care to admit.

I finally went with the bad boy with the red dot: I guess I was sold, just like in the art galleries.

Then for the sketching. It was late when I started on this and didn't have tracing paper so I decided to do it on an old Wacom that I never use. This time it came in handy.

When I started tracing I was with a huge blank in my head. Didn't know where to start but followed George's words and kept going until some ideas started popping up.

Then we dived together into Illustrator (see what I did there?)

While working in Illus, I added some structural lines for help and changed the guy's tail fin.

The curves needed some help, so I decided to draw oval guides around my toothy friend to help me visualize better curves. And while i was at it, I colored him too.

And since I ran out of coffee and it's already 10:00AM, I decided to stop here.
(I started the project around 2:00AM. yes, I know...) 

So there you have it, that's my story.

Thank you George for the inspiration and the tips!


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