Sharing my work, yay!

Sharing my work, yay! - student project

Hi guys! I've just finished this class and I really felt empowered so... as my worst fear is self-promotion... here I am going to share with you what I have been working on and a bit about what I am going through!

Since the pandemic started I found myself wanting to use the time with the things that I really want to do what I don't have time to, or maybe it's just procrastination! 

So I've been working on my illustration, practicing and working on finding my voice, my style.

I have to say that I am proud of finally doing this because I've always told myself I wasn't good enough. While growing up I didn't even consider the idea of being an artist, in my head, an artist was someone who is over the top, a genius and you my love are not even good at anything artsy...

Well, that was a lie I told myself because I was afraid of the world telling me I wasn't good enough and that I was ridiculous for even trying!

An artist is whoever enjoys creating art, and you know what inner critic? I do enjoy it a lot!

Wow, saying all that feels good!

Thank you everyone for reading my shouting out to myself!

And here's my work if you want to check my progression!