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Sharing Smiles - manifesto

Thank you for a very helpful class, Monica! I wish to someday quit my (horribly boring) office job and make a full time living as an Illustrator. One of my bigger challenges is that I am a bit of a scatterbrain, with a constant flow of new ideas. I constantly have to remind myself to slow down and finish one thing at a time. I do believe that creating this manifesto, writing it down and hanging it on my wall will be a helpful tool to remember what I need to be focusing on.

What am I good at?

I am good at drawing. My motifs usually are of animals or a cartoony character in a playful situation. I am a visual storyteller. I want to make you smile. And hopefully, you will want to share that smile with someone you care about.

Beacause nothing is as pleasantly contagious as a smile.

How do I want to spend my days?

As a full time Illustrator, I look forward to working from home and out in the field ("The Field" being anywhere in the world, really.) My time will be devided between creating art, doing research and connecting with my audience both in person and online.

I also see myself selling my art/greeting cards at markets/fairs as well as online.

My Products

Personal art

  • Greeting cards/Stationary
  • Prints/Posters
  • "Stuff" (Tote bags, iphone skins, Cups, T-shirts + + +)


  • Children's books
  • Magazines
  • Blogs
  • Other editorial

How will people benefit?

I wish to entertain. People (whether they be private people or buyers of larger corporations) will choose my products because they "hit home". My images make people smile and hopefully brighten their day.

Marketing Channels

  • Social Media Sites (Currently Facebook, Pinterest, and just started in Instagram)
  • Own website/blog (Yet to build. Working on creating a solid portfolio)
  • Forums (art forums, blogs I follow, FB groups, etc)
  • Art Drops ("Hiding" samples of my work with my contact info out in the field)
  • Etsy

The hardest part of creating this manifesto was the "How do people benefit"-part. Smiling and those warm, fuzzy feelings are all important in life, but it sounds a bit fluffy? I wish I could make it sound more substantional. If anyone has suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

My plans moving forward is to 1) create even better art and post online 2) eventually, build a solid website and blog 3) open a store on Etsy. All of this within 2016. As you say, Monica: This Year Will Be Different.

Currently, my strongest online presence is on Facebook:

Thank you!


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