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Sharing My Travels - balancing truth and beauty

I started my instagram to share my travels with friends and family. My facebook updates, emails, and skypes are few and far between so regular updates of just one or two photos seemed like a good way to share my everyday life and create an overarching representation of my travels. The problem I quickly ran into was a lack of coherency. I found I was either sharing the picture perfect postcard shot that told little about my actual travels or little moments that out of context had no meaning to a viewer. My goal with this project was to figure out how to interweave the two types and create a happy medium that felt more honest to my actual life but still had visual appeal when viewed as a whole

Life After Plans


I'm currently in a bit of a transition time since I've been living in Australia but am home for the holidays. One of my goals for this was to integrate photos taken on the opposite side of the world in a way that they kept their individual feel but worked visually together.

Something I didn't set out to do but I found developing over the course of the project was the use of the caption and hashtags as a way to share my personality and some of the "real" moments behind the picture without compromising my aesthetics. Things like #nowmypantsareallwet and "we all need to scratch sometimes."

My nine photos:


Getting my ducks all in order #itsharderthanitlooks #lifeinmaine


Sometimes, with all this travel, you forget that home is just as beautiful #lifeinmaine


Finally got my camera out again and the sunrise found me laying on my stomach in the snow, waiting. #goodmorning #nowmypantsareallwet #lifeinmaine


We all need to scratch sometimes #thingsyoudoathome #missedthispup #lifeinmaine


I'm not sure if I want to know the story behind this abandoned train station we found on this island or if I prefer to leave it to the imagination #whereareyougoing #itmightbealongwait #lifeinoz


She sells sea shells by the sea shore #thatsalotofcash #saythattentimesfast #ialsotakecard #lifeinoz


It's my last #roadtrip in #Australia so we had to stop at #ShellBeach in #SharkBay. The 60 some km #beach is made up entirely of small white cockle #shells that have built up to a depth of 10 meters in some places. Few other animals can live in the extremely saline waters of the bay, but these creatures thrive here, to the extent that a common building material used to be limestone created from the shells #lifeinoz


Yesterday was the first time I had to wear a coat in three months. And I'm going back to winter in a week? #imnotready #winteriscoming #lifeinoz


I never regret taking the time to watch the #sunset. Especially if I have a #bintang in hand #thelittlethings #lifeinindo

Next up I want to work on the use of hashtags to connect with other groups or people and, as always, being more diligent about updating frequently. Any comments, suggestions, or critiques are welcome. Curating a feed is continuous, and while I'm happy with the direction I know it has a long way to go!


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