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Hello there!

First - above all - light luminaires, turn on the music (love to "work" listening); :D

I got the idea during the day, thinking on the way to college, work... and decided to go to the paper (after scribble this phrase in a corner of page). I believe that's the spirit, sooo, COME ON!

With the phrase in my mind, I tried to fit some possibilities to fit and reveal the potential of some words (THE words):

I've decided to make that shape, giving focus on those words: (and nooow it's time to ink!)

Inked result:

La la la~

I photographed with my cell phone and vectorized:

And finally, after committing a grammar murder - sorry world -, eating a letter "S" from Learns, decided to redid everything!

Little adjustments... And then...


After Sean feedback

"If I may provide one bit of feedback regarding the weight of certain letters on the first line: The 'W' should have the heavy strokes on the downward-to-the-left. Also, I would use two heavy downward strokes on the 'H'. Give the leg of the 'K' a heavy stroke as well.

The only other letter would be the 'R' in 'LEARNS'—give the right side of the bowl some more weight, as well as the leg."

I'll turn on this:

Thanks everyone from the support, to correct my mistakes, and all of this are incredible.

C'ya, ▼ Oro


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