Share Duet

Share Duet - student project

Share Duet
I want to build an app that allows me to easily share with my clients presentations, designs, pdfs and other things without the need of a projector. The app will allow a simple screensharing like experience where users can interact without huddling around the same device.

Streamlines Business Meetings:

Share Duet makes Business meetings simpler. Presenters can share PDFs, web pages, ect. to a range of computer and mobile devices. Members of the party can view, draw, take snapshots, vote and ask questions on the presentation.

Eliminates Laser Pointers:

Share Duet's unique screen sharing allows all users to "point" to exactly what they are talking about in presentations. Making communication to a large group quicker and clearer.

Slick design presentations:

Designers can easily give tours of their portfolios in one on one interviews, job pitches, presentations, etc. Share Duet's elimination of printing and projectors ensure that colors stay true to the intended vision of the artist.

Share Duet - image 1 - student projectShare Duet - image 2 - student project