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Target primary audience: Romance, Teenfiction and Fanfiction lovers, the ages from 15 to 25. My Primary audience would most likely be fans of the Janoskians, and of the Brooks twins because they are used as characters in this story, but also those who simply love a little cute and romantic love and the growing up that everyone does when passing from teenager to adult. It's a book that talks about reality but that helps you seeing the things with a little bit of fairytale, this story is for those who like that kind of story.

One Line: In which Ava is crazy about dreams in shape of words and Luke sells them.

Blurb: Even knowing she always had trust people that would do the world to see her happy, Ava keeps hiding herself in her books, or as she loves to call, in her dreams in shape of words, she has more trouble with herself than anyone would thought and only when one of the guys who she knows since little starts working in the only place she feels completely safe, everything may change between them.


Sample Pages:


Fresh air. After my huge intense first college year all I needed was fresh air. It's not like it was bad, cause it wasn't, it was just intense and always full of new things after new things and studing after studing and litterally no time to myself or even to breathe. I had never worked as much in school as I worked in this last year but I also never improved so much as this last year so I don't regret all the nights of the so great sleep that was replaced by my books and notes all over my bed for me to memorize and study them. All the times I fell asleep in Jai's shoulder in the lunch time were worth it cause now I know a lot more about the art I love. I liked this first year but well that's me talking for myself, cause to Jai having me there sleeping instead of talking to him and listen to his stupid jokes was kind of boring, if he hadn't made other friends that weren't tired enough to sleep all the time, he would have been bored to death, so we decided that after our hard work and his boring lunch times with me sleeping on him, we should spend the summer away from everything, away from college and away from our houses, so we went to Jai's grandparents house in Australia.

Going from New York to Australia felt good, we ate a lot of fast food and Jai made me be his gym company which didn't suck cause even know I though it would b terrible, it actually felt goos to work har and to see the little things I hated about my body getting fixed up. The other very different thing was the weather, Sydney is hot and feels like a summer paradise but I love the smell of the rain in the beggining of the cold seasons so I missed the more cold weather which in Jai opinion, was crazy. Jai always loved the sunny seasons and places, he always talked about wanting to go and live with his grandparents in Australia but the love he has for New York and for the moments he spent there didn't let him leave, which I am glad of. Jai has been my best friend since we're four years old and since that I need him by my side every single day.

We met in a little medieval fair when we were both running to the entrance of the castle and bumped into each other. I fell with the impact and he helped me get up and we spended the whole night in the fair together always playing with each other. Since that night our moms started talking and I started hanging out more with Jai and his twin brother Luke that didn't like me very much back then, he threw me a orange to my face once because in his words, I was a bad girl that was trying to steal his brother for him, yes, he is wierd but as we grew up we started to get along but not ever forgeting to laugh about the day where a orange almost broke my nose. 

Luke and Jai were contantly fighing about the most stupid things in the world, like once Jai ate some chips that according to Luke were his and they started punching each other because of it, but although their contantly fighting they absolutly loved each other and always had each other's back and trust me, if anyone would mess with one of them, the other one was already punching that person in the face and the thing that impressed me was that they were exactly the same way with me, anytime someone messed with me they were like bodyguards ready to fight the stupid person, that was surprising to me, not because of Jai, cause he always have been very protective over me, but because of Luke, cause first he didn't liked me and attacked me with an orange and then when he started liking me it was kind of wierd cause we laughed together but we weren't very close, we almost didn't talk about our lifes with each other and then when we were nine, after staring at me the whole night he kissed me and run away, I didn't slept for two nights thinking about that, I was nine, I didn't know nothing about kissing and that was the first one someone gave me but I watched and still watch a lot of movies, I know how a kiss is supposed to be and Luke's kiss was wierd, his lips were shaking like he was nervous but he made it intense by putting my down lip between his and kissing it gently, it was like he saw movies with the best kisses ever for hours and then tried it on me and let me tell you that althrough I was a nine years old, inocent girl, until now, that was the most intense and cute kiss that someone ever planted on my lips, but to be honest to you, I don't really enjoy talking about it.

After the kiss Luke acted like it never happened and when we were eighteen before he left to travel the Europe with my brother Nate, he said to me "I am sorry I stole your first kiss, I don't know why I did that" and when he said that his teeth were bitting his lips and he was looking at my shoulder which I knew it was something he did when he was nervous, embarrased or sad but I couldn't figure why he was doing that in that day, so to make the first reaction my awkward self had was to laugh my ass of because his red face that was like a tomato. What really made me think was that the kiss he gave me had happened nine years ago and he only had the guts to talk about it after all that time but then, why did he talked about it? But anyway, nowadays me and Luke are fine, we're normal friends, sometimes we text each other but that's rare, now, we don't talk since the last webcam he made with Jai two weeks ago from Italy.

Luke plans were a little diferente than Jai ones, Luke, just like me, loved photography and he wanted to study that on college but first he wanted to go and travel Europe, he used to say he wanted to find out new places and new cultures and grew with them and Jai wanted to become a journalist so he went to college right after highschool like I did and he is taking Journalist and Markting and I am taking Design and Photography in the same college that he is.

Our college is two hours away from where we live, and we live in the same street as each other but the college we loved was too far away to come and go everyday so we decided to rent a house and now we're sharing one right in front our university, which is pretty cool cause we can sleep more in the morning. Luke and my brother Nate are going to start sharing that house with us as well, they agreed with sharing the empty room in mine and Jai's place since they were going to the same university.

Having my brother around me everyday again is going to be goo but I am kind of nervous about it, Nate is two older than me and the nicest guy ever, but he has some issues with himself, he got himself into drugs last year cause he couldn't held the pain of my grandmom death ando f not having my father with us anymore, so he though that distroying himself would take the pain away but it didn't and he only seemed to realize that when he woke up after drinking a bottle of pills one night. Luke was by his side 24/7, I was there too but Luke and him always have been really close as well so he spended every single day in the hospital with me waiting to know about my brother and even after he was awake. Jai was there with us and to be honest they were the ones who held me and didn't let me fall just like Nate had fel and nothing will ever be enough to thank them for that.

When me and Jai got into college I was afraid of moving away from my mom and Nate cause he wasn't all recovered, I was afraid he felt lonely or something like that and just tried to harm himself, but then Luke said he wanted to take a year to himself and they agreed in working to get some money and then go travel around in Europe together, Luke always had that dream but having Nate going with him made it all better for both of them.

I don't see neither of them since they left seven months ago, they stayed in Europe four months always jumping from place to place and meeting new people according to what they told us when we used to skype and then they came back home one week after we ended our first year in college but me and Jai were already in Australia, we went there the day after the classes were over so we didn't got the chance to see them. Three more months have passed with us enjoying Australia and now we were only two minutes away from arriving to the airport where we would be getting the three hour train to the place we lived.

I couldn't wait to see my brother, I missed him so much, I just wanted to hug him and never let go, I miss Luke too, he is a great friend and he has been amazing to my brother so that makes me want to hug him tight as well.

"God, why are we still here? My as is hurting" I hear Jai's voice by my side and laugh.

"We're almost there" I told him and he made a wierd gesture to express his happiness and that made me laugh even more.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please put the seatbelts on..." the women started talking and shit, I hate this part, where the plane goes down and my bealy goes up and I almost throw up.

I took a deep breath and Jai gave me his hand and gave me a cute confidence wink and I smile at him taking a deep breath again. He knows I hate landings. They are always hard and rough and make me sick but to my surprise, this one was actually a lot more calm that what I was expecting, it was smooth and now I was thanking god for keeping my stomach inside me instead of deciding it would come out.

Jai and I letted everyone leave the plain and we left after, when we arrived to the place where all the bags are there were only a few people there so it was easier to find our bags than if we had come before with all the people that were on the plane.

We picked everything up and headed to the exit, god it's good to be back in New York, I can't wait to see my family. But we still have a huge bus ride before that unfortunaly, I think I'm just going to sleep in the train cause I am really tired, I haven't slept on the plane and we were eight hours in there.

"We're home" Jai said "In our cold and sad town" he dramatized.

"Jai, New York is awsome, the weather is perfect and I am sorry to inform you but we're not home yet" he made a face when he heard my words reminding him the huge rise we still had to make.

"Fuuuck, nooo" I laughed at his protests "I really don't feel like..." he stoped talking and I looked at him to see his eyes locked somewhere in the middle of the ocean of people ahead of us.

"That assholes" he said with a huge smile on his face and started walking faster to the crowd and that's when I saw Luke coming out of the croud and running to hug his brother like a crazy guy.

Oh my god, he came pick us up, that is soooo good news cause now we're going to have a more confortable car ride with him.

I looked at the two twins and then I noticed a guy looking like he was looking for someone in the middle of the crowd and my only reaction was to start running with all I had to him.

Nate. He looked so good and happy.

"Nate" I called and he looked at where I was and when he saw me I swear I saw the happiest smile that he had on his face for a very long time.

When I got to him I dropped all my bags and jumped to him hugging my brother.

We stayed like that for a really long time and even when I was on my feet again I was still hugging him and just feeling that my brother was really here, better and happier. It was quite the cuttest moment ever ultil the gone twin voice appeared in the air.

"I hope you missed me that much too" I looked back to see Luke smiling and with my bags in his hands.

"Hi Luke" I said and went to him to hug him.

He hugged me back and I whispered a "Thank you" and he whispered a "It's okay" back to me. He knew I was talking about my brother and how much taking Nate with him helped him getting better. Luke was honestly the best friend someone can have. He does everything for someone that he has a good friendship with. They all did, and god, it feels so good to be with people like that. It fells like it was all I needed to recover all my tiredness from colege, it felt like good fresh air.

- -


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Thank you for the classes, I learned a lot for them and thank you for the opportunity of sharing my work with the class students and with Rebecca! 

Thank you so much!!

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