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Shapes, preset shapes and textures

I am pretty much a beginner beginner, so I started off re-watching the final video because I'd forgotten everything in it and couldn't work all the tools properly! From that I practised a very basic geometric collage using simple shapes and a bold 80s-style colour scheme:

I don't have a natural eye for design, so I'm trying to learn that at the same time, and this didn't feel too poor... I was relatively pleased with it.

But I wanted to challenge myself to explore more tools and create something slightly further than I could by just following the instructions from the class videos, so I created a new canvas. I looked at some of my desktop backgrounds and found some of winter skies with beautiful light, and started creating ellipses in a cloud shape.

I worked out I could merge layers to create new shapes, and then, *delight* fill my shapes with 'patterns' and not just colours. This is made up of three basic shapes - a circle, several merged ellipses and a rounded rectangle - and two of the preset custom shapes - something calling itself 'grime 6' and the paperclip.

I played around with patterned fills on my merged ellipses and circle, a patterned stroke on my rectangle and made my 'grime' transparent by double-clicking the layer and changing the 'blending options'. Finally I used the magnetic lasso tool to select the parts of my paperclip that shouldn't be visible and delete them. The full picture looks like this:

I'm quite pleased with the scrap-booking style of it in the end, although it's very different from what I started out to create. When I set out with my winter skies inspiration I wanted to give my shapes a glow, which I haven't worked out how to do this time around.


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