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Shapes & Color

September 2, 2015!

So, it's been over 2 years. I should revisit this. 

June 13

I've been running low on time lately, so I have yet to do any more pirate sketches. I do have this space chicken that I drew a few months ago that I'm thinking of adapting to use the rendering style taught in this class. Thoughts?


June 4

So I'm not very confident in my sketching abilities. My favorite of the three below, the swashbuckler, I pretty much drew with my eyes closed. I like how pointy he is.

I drew these at work. I'll flesh them out, and come up with more, later tonight. I do like the idea of a pirate that doesn't know how to read a map. Maybe he's also looking at it upside-down?






June 2

Trying to crank out some sketches.. Why do they all come out creepy? I still haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. I feel like I need a story to attach to him/her. I've never illustrated anything before. Will come back to this later tonight.

May 30 ?

There are so many directions this could go! Prepare yourself for some stream of consciousness writing.

Funky shapes, complimentary colors, both bold and more subdued, subtle or chunky shading?, minimalistic style, I like the mildly complicated backgrounds, though, maybe. The animals are super cute, but the people I think really pose a challenge, which is why I'm here I guess...


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