Shape, Line, & Texture

Shape, Line, & Texture - student project

Shape, Line, & Texture - image 1 - student project

I have an interest in both graphic design and illustration, with a bit of a lean toward hand-drawn illustration.  As a result, I'm really drawn to line, but I also love illustrations where the shapes are indicated entirely by blocks of colour of varying value.  Looking at the images I have compiled here, I have come to the following conclusions about my preferences when it comes to shape, line, and texture:


- rounded and simpified

- solid colour with no outline OR

- fluid outline with a sense of motion and no colour


- simple, dynamic, and fluid

- used largely as outlines with minimal detail and shading

- bold and sharp (not unsure or scratchy)


- mostly for backgrounds

- simple and limited


As this applies to logos and branding, I prefer shapes of solid colours without textures and I prefer illustration-like images over the abstract.  As for illustrations, I have two different preferences - fluid lines with minimal or no colours, and shapes made of colours without linework and with some minimal texturing.