Shanty in the Key of Arrgh!


I've had a lot of fun doing this project and it has been good to finish and illustration for a change.

Here is my pinterest pirate inspiration board.


And here is my general pintresting(?)



These are a few of my cleaner sketches, I tend to work in a mass of lines. I was looking at doing a bit of a nerdy pirate but chose to go the musical direction.

I began working on a final sketch of the Captain and the mandolin.

Shapes in Illustrator

I then decided the captain needed some accompaniment so I began sketching out the chap playing concertina.

I never saved any shot of my progress along the way so here is my final render.

I found the process of working in illustrator for the basic shapes and then taking them in to photoshop to render really intuitive. I did find the amount of photoshop layers a little overwhelming at times but I look forward to doing more pieces using this process. It's been a great class and I look forward to hearing any feedback people have.


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