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The problem with my name is that it is so long, and I couldn't imagine a lot of flourishes to insert while maintaining a proper balance. I blindly tried some things, and then I remebered to use my handwriting. So I wrote my name out, as you can see on the upper right. That gave me inspiration for more things to try. 


I chose to not go with a capital "S," because it "shannelle" is far more balanced than "Shannelle."

I left it alone for a day, and when I came back to it, I realized most of my sketches were very messy. The flourishing was mostly too much, and I went with more of the simple ones to refine. With such an overwhelming name like mine, it doesn't make sense to add so much embellishments.

I narrowed it down to two styles that I liked. 


I went with the second one. As much as I liked the first, the flourish for the "l" put everything in an awkward position, while the second one's flourishes looked so much smoother.

Here's the first version. I love Martina's speed with her vectoring, and I hope I could achieve that someday! As well as getting all the thin lines the same width next time. 


And here's what might be the final.



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