Shanice Malakai - Laying down the Groundwork WS

Shanice Malakai - Laying down the Groundwork WS - student project


Since I'm going to be in the video realm, for my "mood board" I decided to post my creative reel just to give a look stylistically what my brand would feel and look like.

I'll post an additional min-mood board coming up here.

Mood Board.

But this reel gives a basic look at my brand. Let me know what you think. 



Spearheaded by Shanice “Malakai”, the essence  and objective of Malakai Creative is to produce revolutionary, imaginative content for conscious minds. We vow to never hinder the individuality that comes with self-expression. This creative based LLC prides itself in offering up alternative cutting-edge projects for collaborators and clients alike. We grind. We move forth.  And we will showcase all creative content on our platform, The Culture Collective.

But what makes us different?
We want to make humanity mainstream again. By providing platforms to creative projects, nonprofits, campaigns ,musicians, celebrities alike: we will keep the current of creativity and social awareness flowing.  Every movement needs a  platform.  

We seek to gain an audience. We want followers who feel invested and involved. We want to appeal to all possible niches.

  • To push forward innovative content, to start getting Malakai Creative / Culture Collective recognized as a creative entity and to garner create partnerships.  
  • To make viable content that will interest investors and engage an audience world-wide.
  • Tv Pilots/ documentaries/ Music video projects need to professionally completed.


  • To offer an interactive online platform  where users are able to PUSH forth their own campaigns by a series of likes/ and votes - we use social alchemy. We make it happen.  And we want it to be addicting/ and socially enhancing.   
  • To have broadcasted content via television, or a nationally recognized platform. Not only that,  but everything online will be available simultaneously ON NETWORK/ TELEVISION.     Think web-streaming but national.  Audiences will be able to interact right at home, and it’ll show   up broadcasted.  Chosen viewers will be able to showcase their creative content/ projects on our television show/network to garner attention.
  • We want to provide  the tools for campaigns, non-profits and artists to succeed for free. We want our social alchemists to grow. We want to provide a viable freeware post-production program online for those who need it the most. Alongside this we will provide creative introductions and tutorials to these online programs.  
  • We will feature a successful user content every month and have it aired on our television network/ show.

We are trying to target the world. But even more so, we are targeting youth and “conscious” individuals who want more than what our mainstream media has to offer. We push forward content for the new generation. We want to re-link our viewers and consumers with humanity. Our target is to make consciousness mainstream.

We are trying to solve a lack of awareness within the media. We are trying to put art back into our airwaves, and we want people who aren’t represented in the media to feel as if they do have a voice. But we also want content that appeals to the educator, the businessman, the doctor. We want content that appeals to everyone.

The essence  and objective of Malakai Creative| THE CULTURE COLLECTIVE is to produce revolutionary, imaginative content for conscious minds. We vow to never hinder the individuality that comes with self-expression.

Supporting Facts About the Brand:
1.  We are grassroots based. By using the same mentality of a grassroots campaign ,we hope to garner attention and gain the trust of our followers and audience.

2.  We provide a media platform for those who are not represented.  We want to feature creative content that is not scene within our mainstream airwaves.

3. We seek to enrich and cultivate humanity.

3-Word Personality (the brand’s tone):


1. In one year, what do you want your brand to be known for?

I want my brand to be known for “Social Alchemy”.
Using creativity and talent to create innovative content.

I want my brand to be known for highlighting conscious pioneers. For taking on the stories of those who  actively go forth making a difference. I would like my brand to have a base of those who want to seem, “AWARE”.   At the same time, we will provide creative media targeted towards youth.  THe main idea that I have is providing a way for viewers to feel actively involved. How we do cultivate a platform that not only seems innovative and engaging as well?  

The only way to do that would be to make it a “trend”.  Feature those in the forefront of our media making a change through social alchemy, and other people will feel the need and urge to in fact make a change. I want this to be ongoing, while still giving light towards other creative media at hand.

2. The people who love your brand most care about:
Art, Activism, social change and innovation.

3. Your brand is NOT:
It is not hollywood. It is not CNN. It is not corporate media. It is not “centered”. We are a wholly biased brand, based towards human rights and creative awareness and we embrace creativity as well.

4. Above all else, your brand stands for:
Pushing forth revolutionary content. We want viewers to feel inspired and aligned with our ideals