Shameless Self-Promo

After working in the printing and marketing industry for over 15 years in various prepress, graphic design and print production and management roles, i realized i have never put together any cohesive self-promo website to support my various freelance projects i have done aside from my full-time job. Here's to hoping WordPress allows me to achieve that goal.

3/11/13 Lesson 1 complete...

3/23/13 Lesson 2 Complete...

Set up menu structure, added pages and added slider images to home page. Figured out through trial and error how to center the copyright line in the footer. Compiling info to populate the rest of the pages and may experiment with other themes just to see how they look.

3/30/13 Final Project Complete...

Looks like Easter and work-related projects will make this last update my final project for this class. This class has motivated me to continue work on this site beyond the structure of a class and has also made me very interested in HTML, CSS and PHP. For those interested in checking out the site, go to http://www.ajhcreative.com/ajhtest


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