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Shaman Warriors

Hello Everybody!

I decided to go for some kind of Shaman-warriors designs. I made diferents variations of these strong women. Some have magical talents, and others only weapons, some both. My idea is to bring the chosen one to a more tribal type , like adding tattoos or symbols on her clothes. I let that open for now.

So I just finnish the tumbnails execice, and also start a quick refining on the silhouettes. Don´t pay too much attentions on the anatomy yet. That should be the next step :D

But you´re welcome to give the number of your favourites, or tell me with ones have some potential...

Next Step, based on the feedback, i work on 5 silhouettes to refine more. I also spend some time to image what story they could be in. I´m still not completly happy with the proportion and values, but i didn´t want to get to deep into this, until i just choose only one character.

That the time for you inputs, thanks!


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