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Shai Family Crest

I realize this isn't SO creative since I just copied Aaron, but it's the first iteration.

Need to talk to some family members to see what they'd rather include.


Here's my second version of the crest. Decided to make it a little more personal to my jewish heritage by adding the chamsa rather than a traditional shield. I'd love to add some other pieces. Looking for suggestions.


Per recommendations from classmate, Sheina, I've altered the crest for a third version. 

"I like the Hamsa.  Just a note - the lines on the middle finger seem a bit thicker and... you might want to thin them out a bit. Shai means gift also you could change the leaves to myrtle, as in the four species held together on Succos. Also the "Star of David" is called the Sheild of David in Hebrew.  You might want to work with that."



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