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Alexa Finlay

Part artist, part adventure, part couch.



Shafted Woods

My "shafted" pattern adapts and evolves over time, so many elements carry-through, but also new ones pop in. It originally started within archery arrows, a whale, globe and pelican.

I did a commission that I retained rights to in November with a grizzly bear (state mammal) in my pattern adorned with colorful California native flowers.

And then I ended up illustrating a fox a week ago. At that point I decided on doing a bit of a woodland theme and added in the squirrel, slugs, and mushrooms.

I am considering darkening the background, so the internal patterns pop more. 

I haven't gotten all of the process down yet, so I'll probably go through it a bit more to get down the Illustrator techniques and tricks she goes over.


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