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Shaffer Family Crest

First off I'd like to say thank you to Aaron for taking the time to show us his process. This class was very informative and I was able to take away stuff that I'll use in my future projects. Loved it!

My project:

My family's name is Shaffer and I have to say this project really made me think about what my family stands for. We have a very melting pot hertiage, with Dutch, German, Greek, English and who knows what else. I decided to narrow it down to where the name Shaffer comes from, which is from Germany. Our last name has a ton of different spellings but the versions are derived from the German word for shepherd. 

The traditional Shaffer crest has shepherd iconography like sheep and crooks. I kept away from that but tried to create a flambouyant laurel like the traditional crests have - it looked stupid so I scapped it and went with a simple laurel. 

I thought about what hallmarks our family has and came up with:

Colorado Natives: Our family has lived in CO for as long as I can remember and most of my relatives are born and raised here.

Pilgrims: My Grandma took the time to trace our roots to the Pilgirms. We are decendants of the Brewsters who came in on the Mayflower. Kind of interesting, but doesn't really relate to our family today. 

Torte: My Grandma always sends a torte to everyone on their birthday. Torte is a traditional Eastern European layered cake made with chocolate and pound cake. It's delicious!

Ragged Mountains: Our family owns a cabin by the Ragged Mountains and it's a meeting place for family get togethers and to just get away from the world for a bit. I felt that it was important to include it since it's such an important place for my family. 

Handyman: My Dad and his brothers are hard workers and can fix just about anything. My Grandpa was a civil engineer as is my Dad so I wanted to include something to signify handiness and precision. 

Final Outcome:

I added the quote "Libertas et Natale Solum" which means "Liberty and my native land."

I had a lot of fun with this project, I might just get these shirts printed for Christmas or something.

Thanks again Aaron!


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