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Shadow of the Wind

Hello! I've chosen Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon as my book to make a dropcap for.

For the first section (post research), I read through the book again -- even though it's one of my favorites, I realized I couldn't remember some details, and I really wanted to get the feeling and the imagery fresh in my mind.

Here's my brainstorming page so far:


I'm kind of leaning towards some kind of construction -- there's a lot of plot happening all the time, but this particular book has a lot of hidden rooms that are discovered, and detailed descriptions of the architecture of them and stuff contained within them. 

I'm not sure whether I want to choose the author character's beautiful mind-style room of crosses or the semi-obvious choice of the Cemetary of Books. Originally, I had a strong image of the S being made out of smoke, as for most of the book the narrator is being stalked by a smoking figure who wants his book. But that doesn't really fit the atmosphere, and it's kind of a boring idea, to be honest, so I'd appreciate some critique and an additional eye.


I've gotten some critique on my thumbnails from friends over the last week or so and started thinking about heading towards an escher-style direction. I feel like that would really reflect the cyclical mindfuck feeling of the book you start getting after the 2nd readthrough or so. 

However, I'm surprised to find I'm having trouble depicting the stairs without creating something that looks super wonky and weirdly drawn! So I did some research on the architecture of the area instead. Here's some references I liked, and might use..


I'm excited/intrigued to find out that Barcelona has so much great art nouveau architecture -- might be a solution to my mental block in regards to depicting impossible/improbable architecture on the S. 


Belated update -- I totally sketched my dropcap like, 8 months ago and forgot to post it. Oops.

Here's an idea for one made out of stairs, kind of inspired by the penrose steps/impossible architecture concept combined with Sagrada Familia. I think I'm gonna clean it up a bit and scan it in.



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