Shading With the Stippling Technique

Shading With the Stippling Technique - student project


Shading With the Stippling Technique - image 1 - student project


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Hi everyone :)

I'm really excited to create my very first class here on Skillshare. Please, feel free to leave your comment below, all feedback will be really appreciated!

My idea is to teach basic shading with stippling technique, in a simple and engaging way. After introducing myself, I will start showing the materials I use (permanent ink pen and papers). I'll encourage the students to gather the materials they have, and any other materials they find appealing, to start exploring stippling.

We'll practice stippling together with a worksheet pdf I'll made available in the class. By doing this I want to encourage them to freely explore the technique, as I will also share what I've discovered myself along with some useful tips.

In the same worksheet we'll practice shading together, and I'll encourage the students to upload what they've done so far in the project section.

Then, I'll draw an orange from sketch, showing how I use the stippling technique, so that they can see the shading techniques being applied in a real object.

Finally, I'll draw a more complex subject, and I'll talk about the final project: using the stippling technique to shade a subject matter they really love - may it be a person, a place, a tree, anything they find inspiring.

About the class

Stippling is a beautiful drawing technique that creates texture and dimension by using small dots. It's a fun and forgiving way of shading. I also feel that stippling inspires happiness and calm as you make it :)

Since stippling can feel really challenging and even overwhelming at the beginning, I'll make simple and easy-to-follow steps. My goal is to build the learners' confidence, so that they will feel comfortable to try stippling and making an incredible piece of art on their own!



Stippling is a fun and forgiving drawing technique that uses small dots to creates texture and dimension. Shading with this technique will help you achieve a better understanding of light and shadow.

At the beginning you may feel like stippling is really challenging and even overwhelming, but don't worry! I've prepared simple and easy-to-follow steps for this class :)

Everyone is welcome! All you need to take this class is a pen and a few sheets of paper. 

This class is perfect for beginners, but it's also useful for those who want to get better at stippling and shadingBy the end of this class, you’ll have all the skills you need to incorporate stippling in your drawings and make beautiful art pieces!

You'll have access to useful tips and printable practice sheets. Besides that, feel free to ask me anything, anytime. I'll be there to help you :)

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Use what you’ve learned in this class to make a stippling art piece :)
You can either make a drawing entirely with the stippling technique or use it along with any other techniques you like.

I also encourage you to upload your value scale worksheet and/or any other drawings you might have made as a way to practice stippling.

I can't wait to see your art piece! :)



(Please feel free to give me your feedback, I'd love to hear what you have to say about my class outline) :)

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I'll be happy to hear your feedback :)


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