Shades Of Triangles

Shades Of Triangles - student project

Again, this was an awesome exercise for variety with simple shapes. I enjoyed how playing with triangles can lead to interesting marks and possible solutions for successful logos. (Thank you Peter for a great class!)

I started with some simple marks and then tried to add more interest. Looking through my rough idea file, I kept a similar shape throughout some of the ideas to challenge myself on how one shape can look different in many differnt forms.

It's a little messy, but I wanted to keep the aspect of experimentation and play.

Shades Of Triangles - image 1 - student project

Once I fleshed out a handful ideas I chose the ones that I thought were the most interesting. Some I left as they were while others I fined tuned for simplification. I also was lead to create a couple extra ones that came to me at the end of the process.

Shades Of Triangles - image 2 - student project

Riley Jones
Coffee Fueled Creative