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Flame Forged Soul




Coming down to the wire on this one, so let's start with the mood "boards":

Animinspiration  freshly drafted Vimeo album of some of my favorite animations/animators, many of whom use Photoshop as their weapon of choice.

Olivia Huynh  Illustrator, animator and Google Doodler extraordinaire, uses Photoshop, kidna...loves dogs.

Michel Gagnet Baller-ass cartoonist. If you liked the movie the Iron Giant, the video game Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet or Kazu Kibuishi's Flight anthologies, you've enjoyed his work.

Kelela - A Message Music video, reason for it's inclusion will become apparent about halfway into it,

Tetsuya Tatamitani One of the artists/animators of aforementioned video.

Loop de Loop <expletive deleted> Giphy

More to come.


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