I'm doing a poster for Shad for his Sasquatch! Music Festival performance.

These are his albums, they all have a different style to them.

Here are some Shad gig posters. 

These are some of last year's Sasquatch performer posters.

For this project I'm going to try an illustration style I've never done before. I'm going to be using a lot of strokes in my work to add texture. I'm not sure yet if it's be handdone like the illustration on the left or more vector like the poster on the right. 


Here's a quick sketch of the poster idea I'm going to do. I took DKNG's advice to make the poster specific for the event so it can't just be changed and used for any show and be just as successful.

Now this is a very quick sketch. I haven't gotten to the more detailed one yet... For the Sasquatch festival I want to create an illustration with a sasquatch silhouette in the moon. I want to have "Shad" in the shadow of the sasquatch or within the illustration and the concert information will be type on top of the illustration. 


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