Shaadi Shuda

Shaadi Shuda - student project

UPDATE - 14/11/12

After 'getting out the building' and talking to more prospects its become clear that a 'Yelp for asian businesses' is a better solution to the problem of connecting customers with asian businesses/suppliers. To keep things focused I can still concentrate on wedding-related suppliers although I have a hunch that the best value will come from the 'long tail' of smaller businesses.

Project Notes


  • x for y: Yelp for asian wedding suppliers
  • Description: A community-driven platform allowing couples to easily find and share local asian suppliers


Biggest Problem

At present finding the best asian suppliers relies on offline resources and 'word of mouth', making it a time consuming process to find exactly what you want as a customer. The asian community as a whole is difficult to target online, with most of the suitable keywords having high competition but very low monthly search volume. How can I better reach that community to drive traffic?

MVP Solution

A very simple business directory, offering users the ability to search for businesses in a given category and/or location. To keep this really really simple I chose just one city (Birmingham) and only a handful of simple categories (cakes, caterers, asian sweets).


MVP Goals

  • 1k email addresses
  • 100 reviews
  • 10 paid for premium listings (businesses can pay for a more detailed listing)



Idea History

After seeing several friends plan their weddings it became apparent just how 'low tech' and laborious the whole process was. I looked around online to see if there was anything around that could make the process a bit smoother, and whilst I found several online wedding directories there was nothing to bring all the resources together, so I started working on

The app will showcase real asian weddings and allow those planning their weddings to discover their inspiration and thus find their ideal suppliers to work with.

I am delibarately trying to avoid building anything by testing the idea as much as possible before thowing together a functional MVP.

I've realised that at the moment there is a chicken & egg situation in that I need people to upload and tag their wedding photos for others to see them, but reaching those willing couples seems to be a challenge. 

Would love your feedback and suggestions to help get moving :)