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Sgt. Chip Charlton Logo

I draw the occasional story for The Phoenix Comic, a kids weekly here in the UK - Sgt. Chip Charlton & Mr Woofles of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It's a comedy adventure strip, and rather than the usual horse, Charlton's partner is a useless daschund that is always throwing up.

I'm after creating something for the masthead of the strip that gives a dated 40's or 50's feel. My attempts up until now -

You can see the yellow above is a (photoshop) cleaned up version of the rough above that. I liked the yellow as it gives that North American TV titles and credits feel.

Saw this course and thought it a good opportunity to attempt a slightly more competent logo. Sketches so far -

-you can see it's quite a lot of words to fit into one coherent image. I'm keen on the shield though, as it says 'law enforcement' and is a good solid icon.

-I seem to have steered away from being symmetrical now, and starting to feel that maybe only 'Chip Charlton' should be in script, like a signature, as he's a human and the main character. Happy with the one where the 'C's curl up and over the 'sergeant', so taking it further -

-though now it seems we start reading 'Chip' before 'sergeant', so might need to shift that back over. Also I'm playing with the 'Mister Woofles' and trying to get it looking fun and slightly ridiculous. The shield I might attempt as a linocut separately, we'll have to see.

Feedback and criticism please, folks!

Also, I've got Illustrator but have never used it - please could someone recommend something online that starts me off from the VERY basics. Much appreciated!


refined version.


Pleased with this linocut part of the logo - just putting off attempting my first ever vectoring.


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