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Sfeericle Records - Logo and catalogue number label

I've chosen to do a re-design of a logo and label for Sfeericle Records - a tiny record label that I started up with a few friends in 1998.  Back then I whipped up the logo below, which hasn't changed in 15 years:

Back then it worked well - everything we were putting out was glitchy, lo-fi, weird and experimental.  However, the releases in the mid '00s were getting more poppy and our visual aesthetic was less referential of the glitch, as you can see in this Artist page from the old website:

Unfortunately this website's URL was bought out from under us by a pharmaceutical supplier, and the website was erased.  At that point I decided to create an artist website instead of another Sfeericle site, because the label has sat idle since 2008.

However I thought this class would be a good excuse to resurrect the idea of Sfeericle and re-invent a logo, as I may be self-releasing an EP in the summer, and the word "sfeericle" has always been fun to play with.

For this project I will be designing a logo, plus a standard layout for the portion of any future album covers that house the catalogue number, year of release, and logo.

M O O D  B O A R D

I organized my mood board into 2 sections: the top shows the minimal, hazy aesthetic that I've been using in album design lately with some examples of hand-drawn opaque fonts, and the bottom shows some structural calligraphic fonts that will hopefully inform my logo design.


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