Sexy Monster (Censored)

I was playing something like a "drawing battle" with a friend, the topic was "monsters" and we gave each other instructions of how the monster will look like and we had to draw it in less than 3 minutes for each monster, the instruction for this monster was "sexy" 

I think mine was Monster/Elf sexy this is the sketch:

Then I started Illustrating and choosing my colors after watching a class of color Theory here in Skillshare... The toughest part was choosing my colors...

But then I decided to use just the primary colors with a background that will make the little "sexy/monster/elf" get all the attention, plus I learn red = active color / warm, easy desicion to make for the word "sexy"

After Illustrating I took it to photoshop to work on my texture skills which I still need to improve pretty much but I'm getting there

This is the Final outcome:


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