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Ana Menezes

Carioca designer and bookbinding enthusiast




I was really excited to do this was real fun!

Since I'm brazilian, I wanted to make something in portuguese that I could send to my friends. So I thought about bar neon signs and how great fridays are. I wanted to do something inspired by friday's happy hour, and having a nice time with friends.

So the word I chose is "sexta-feira" which means friday in english.

The next image is from a pinterest board I created about neon signs. I really want to add a lot more pins to it. But for this project I was really researching about signs for bars.


I started sketching a more cursive lettering, but as I moved on to Illustrator I started experimenting with blocked letters, and trying to connect letters together in one single stroke.


Here's where I got...



And here is my gif...


I really like the result but I would love you guys' feedback so I can improve it. And I will definetly send it to my work friends on friday!



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