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Sex U

Sex can be a difficult topic for some people to talk openly about. Some people worry that they don't know how to do certain sexual practices so they are anxious to experiment. Silence and mystery can be an impenetrable shroud hiding experiences that can bring us closer, more connected and more excited and able to enjoy and experiment with a wide variety of consensual sexual activities.

I am not one of the people who feels shy about this topic. I have gone to classes on cunninglingus and fellation, handjobs, dirty talk, flogging, role-playing and always enjoyed listening and learning new ideas.

With an online venue for learning sexual skills, people can learn in the privacy of their homes. I am so excited to see the manifestation of this project.

User stories of SEX U

I was always nervous about going down on my lover, because I didn’t know if I was doing it right. After watching this video on SEX U and hearing the woman’s/ man’s playful instructions, I can’t wait to try this out and thrill my lover tonight.

I wanted to do a special night for my lover’s birthday. I wanted to try a new sexual technique. I went to SEX U and there were so many cool ideas. I picked one but I’m not waiting for his/her next birthday to try another. 

I hear about these exotic sex acts and think I could never do that. I don’t have the first idea how to even start. I heard about SEX U and bought a simple one to start. The instructor made the whole thing seem so accessible. I’m going to watch it again and then try it out.

My partner is always asking me to do a role play with him/her. I always feel self-conscious and kinda stupid so I never tried. There was a video with ideas on different variations on SEX U. As I watched I saw the people just having fun. I realized I didn’t have to be an academy award winning actor, I just had to let myself play. Now, my partner wants us to watch all the videos and keep trying new things.

I am currently without a partner so I am enjoying watching videos on SEX U, it is expanding my imagination of the next partner I want to meet.

During a google search for condoms, there was a free demo on applying one on SEX U. Wow what a cool array of imaginative sexual pleasures they feature. I had to watch a few videos out of curiosity. I feel like I have expanded and opened my mind to a wider venue of possibilities.


I feel like I need 3 videos to start and a suggestion box for customers. Safe sex video how-tos will be free. I can think of 3 for safe sex and I can make them on phone or Mac? I have friends who I could start asking to participate by email and call.  I wonder how will they send videos to site? or me? I am feeling shy about using my real name and wondering about inventing a persona. I can do promotion by email, posting or phone calls. 

Legos pieces list to look at:


Weebly, Squarespace

Recurly, Gumroad


99 designs (for logos)

SMS Textmarks

wufoo, formstack, typeform

intro videos: Powtoon, iShowUHD, Camtasia


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