Caro Laina

Graphic Designer



Sewn Notebooks - Design your own source of inspiration

Hello Everyone,

I posted my class for the May Teach Challenge, about Sewing your own notebook (instead of using glue or any other traditional way) You can check the class here --> Sewn Notebooks - Design your own source of inspiration .

For advertising it, I allowed the first 30 students for Free, and then I moved it to Premium. After 5 days I have already 50 students, which is quite comforting but I'm not a very "social media" person, so no Instagram or Tweeter or any of those platforms.

For the moment, I'm relying on Facebook contacts and the Skillshare community to advertise it.


It's clear that after it went Premium, the visits and enrollment decreased :/ so I'm thinking about letting it be Free again tomorrow (one week away from its posting online) as a treat for being published.

For the Project that I posted, I chose a notebook done with a Metro map of Paris, which can be appealing, visually, but so far, hasn't done that much to attract new students.



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