Kelley Gilbert

super sewist



Sewing a Reusable Snack Bag with Recycled Cereal Box Liners

In this class we will use basic sewing skills to utilize little supplies in a big way. I lenjoy and feel compelled to recycle and I love a pretty reusable bag.  Put those two together to turn a cereal bag into a pretty zippered reusable snack bag.

In this class, we will go over :

  • Preparing your materials and sewing space
  • Why we sew projects inside out and how to see to the end result when everything looks backwards and wrong. 
  • Installing a zipper using unconventional sewing materials
  • Finishing touches and how to care for your project after each use

The goal of this class is to make you more comfortable sewing with unconventional materials in a fast and satisfying project. 

Outline: Reusable Snack Pouches


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