Sewing Stash

Sewing Stash - student project

Sewing Stash - image 1 - student project

Amoungst other things, I teach sewing and pattern making to the general public in NYC & NJ. 

My students often complain that they can't recall what patterns they have purchased, what fabric/zippers/buttons/thread colors by brand they have at home, which tools they have purchased etc.

I want to build a simple entry system so students can fill in what they have at home to assist when they are shopping. I would also like to be able to add photos taken with the iPhone, of the fabrics and pattern covers, as well as recording some bits of information about both.

- How many yards and what width is fabric along with a description and where it was purchased.

- Pattern - what size pattern you have and how much fabric you need to make your size or the size for the person you are making it for

- What your measurements are and be able to date when you last took them

There are some apps available with some of this information already. They are glossy and have a lot of the information already included for many patterns -- but there is a membership fee of $20-45 PER MONTH. That's too much for the average home sewist to ever consider.

I would love to offer my students a simple tool they can use and fill in themselves.

Sewing Stash - image 2 - student project

Kimberli MacKay

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