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Sewing Patterns Tutorial Girl .... my big baby, but ...well

It's just not that big, as I hope it will be. Tutorial Girl sewing patterns shop

So this is a link to my shop. I'm an fashion and industrial designer, and where I live I can't get a job from that field, so I was starting with making pdf. tutorials. They are about sewing, and I'm passionate about construction part of them, and so in my shop you could found from baby cradle, cloths, shoes or accessories, and bags in all shape and sizes, for different usage.

I mean I'm exited when I construct new design, and I'm bored with working basic simple designs, so my designs are not just baby leggings and stuff like that. I mean I did try a few simple baby patterns, because I did see that my stuff are not so sell-able. If I did compare my shop with other sewing patterns shops, I didn't get any real stuff from it.

I know it's stupid to compare, but at the same time, it is hard to see how something like baby simple ordinary patterns are working and mine don't, and I was sure I did have something to show to the sewing people world.


I did get some amazing feedback, every-time that I was sure I should just quit, because money wise I didn't get results.

So in years I did improve my designs to the my best knowledge, some of them even have video lesson with them.

A few difference that I did see, but somehow I can't improve them (usually money connected).

1. all the photos are made by me (other shops do have friends photographers)

2. I don't use so nicely printed fabric (It's to expensive, where I live, and I even can't get a good choice for pick, and also because my designs are not simple basic construed blocks, the nice and cute won't work)

3. I did want to explore my limitations as designer (how good I could construct, and how I could simplify the sewing process for end user (my sewing instructions have step by step photos for all the steps)

4. I didn't focus my shop to just one type of items, like just baby cloths; because I'm interested in more stuff.

So this are all the things that I did see, after a few years of working in this shop.

My trying to improve the shop:

I did start preparing sewing patterns for A4 and letter size printer settings

I did improve the patterns every-time that I did release new design.

I did make some designs with reach content, like this skirt


And I did improve my info published on a shop....

I'm really wondering where is my magic wand for better sells, what I need to do to improve the shop.
I mean I'm a creator, and I'm like bland for the end user sewer on my shop. What do they see, and what do they want to see that they will consider my pdf. for there best value, and to be interested to get it? What is the magic, what I'm working wrong....and is there a place to become Tutorial Girl better shop?
Any advice, any feedback's are really welcome.
How my shop is so different, that similar shop get 15 - 30 sales a day, and I do get one ore two or some-days nothing at all.

I mean I'm passionate about sewing, and about designing, but I'm just not a good seller, I need that part of the job see with different eyes. If you would be in my shoes, what would you change?

PS thanks in advice for taking time too look at it. Have a nice and creative day, Mik.

Update: today I did wake up with idea to make video class for my next pdf. and I would sell pdf.s on Etsy as before and place a link in to the files for free enrollment here for video support content.

The only issue that could become a problem is, that on Skillshare buyers would be able to buy the class almost for free, and on Etsy they will need to pay higher price for it. Is this a problem? I mean, I'm a creator and designer so I own the price rights, right?
On a positive think on a long run the interested Etsy buyers will get in their email my new class announcements and potentially they could be interested for new classes?

Maybe I need to sleep some more to get new ideas? The think is just this will be a lot of work, making two classes in one, because in sewing videos I do spend a lot of time for making them. Even making pdf. files is a lot of time spending just with instructions for all steps.
But hey, this project here is to found a way how to sell more pdf. sewing projects, not to complain about time that I need to invest in it.


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