Sewing Notions - thimbles

Sewing Notions - thimbles - student project

Sewing Notions - thimbles - image 1 - student projectI've been painting several sewing notions for a few patterns this past week. Thank you so much for this practical, time saver, learning how to make Pattern Templates. I found your course just at the right time.

Shannon you are such a good teacher — so clear with your instructions and logical with your break down of the subject.  I would never have thought how to go about something like this without your course, let alone that it could speed up the creation of pattern making.

I created the template in Illustrator then imported it as a layer guide in Photoshop for this pattern of gouache painted thimbles. I made a few background colors, this deep teal being the extreme. But prefer the pale, neutral background that allows the thimbles to sit off the page more.

Thank you, Shannon!

Karen Q Kemp

Karen Kemp
Graphic Designer and Illustrator