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Sewing Circle Pattern, Sketches & Mood board for Pattern Design Session: 2 Weeks to Perfect Patterns


Above: Pattern Squares

Below: Patterns repeated

Yes, my color palette changed once I got going with the design.  I wanted something a little brighter, but still vintage.  I realize I have a long way to go, but I greatly enjoyed the process and look forward to having time to just sit down and play with patterns and colors.




Phase 2: Sketches.  

Creating sketches for my Sewing Circle pattern was somewhat challenging.  My hope is that what I have created above will work.  If not, it is back to the sketching board = )



My Grandmother had many talents – sewing was one of them. In the mid 1950’s my grandmother made my mother a teal, velvet dress. The dress had a scalloped neckline, cap sleeves, a narrow 50’s waist and a full skirt. I remember seeing photos of my Mom wearing the dress and I always loved it.

Years later I painted a watercolor “portrait” of the teal dress, but my Grandmother never got to see it – she passed before I completed it.

As I delve into pattern making, it is only fitting to allow this dress and memory to come full circle, and be the focus of my first design.  Sewing Circle is a tribute to my Nana and the gift of creativity that she shared with me, and I share with you.

Deborah Jeffrey


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