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Sewing Box (Costurero)

Fri 11/28 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hello!! I'm so glad Mary Kate is teaching us a new class, I'm so excited!
For my project, I've chosen a sewing box to re-design as packaging. I already have a sewing box, that I have decorated myself some time ago, but I'm really not that much into it anymore. So I decided it was time for a change, considering it is a pretty nice theme for my vintage packaging design.

So I haven't started my big research quite yet, but I have taken a few pics of my actual sewing box and its content. So here we go:

This is my Costurero ('cause its awsome spanish sewing box):

And its horrible decor:

Now its content (I didn't realize till now how hard it is to take one of this pictures 'till now):

Looking at this I realized I already have some nice graphics going on to start with, and there is a whole vintage world around sewing stuff!

I'm going to show you my embroidery threads that i've bought some time ago only because they were beautifull...

Well, I think i should start researching then! If I get any free time at all... But well..

Tue 12/02 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Before going further, I decided (more or less) what I wanted to write on the packaging, and I made my conference call to myself, set the box size and stuff, and brainstormed a little.

So I gathered some referents and started getting the details!

I'd better get to work and start sketching on this pictures!

Thu 12/04 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hello! I've been sketching a little, first based on the referent images, then I started directly on the product design.

Now I realize that the images I selected are quite different from each other, some really different because of huge era differences, and I should narrow my style desitions. I'm still not decided, so any help will be appreciated :)

Here go my sketches and thumbnails:

Thank you very much!!


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