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Karen Emelia

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Sew Your Own Shoulder Bag

This is the final Intro video of my class which is published. I really enjoyed the whole process and seeing that I can accomplish something this big. Thanks Skillshare!

Here's a link to my class.  Sew Your Own Shoulder Bag

I've joined the October teaching challenge and this time I really hope to finish this class. I am adding a link to the class project of my introduction video. I would love to hear some feedback of what y'all think. Thanks!

This class will be suitable for an advanced beginner to intermediate sewer. The class project is to learn how to select the right fabrics and hardware, cut out the pattern pieces, sew, install zippers and have a finished bag in the end.


Sewing handbags has been a hobby of mine for about 12 years. I started designing and selling them a year ago and think that people would enjoy sewing them too. My Class Outline is attached and ready to receive constructive critiqing. Thanks for your help and this great community.


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