Sew What?

Sew What? - student project
  1. Your sketch - Not the greatest sketch but it was a change to do my sketch in Illustrator and not on paper. I've realised since that I should have done the sketch in Photoshop. If using a drawing tablet, you choose a brush then go to brush window / brush / shape dynamics. Then under size jitter, choose Control: Pen Pressure. This is how I'll draw my sketch next time!

2. Your finished design - I can't believe I actually got this done! Very happy with the end product. I've always wanted to learn about Isometric Design, especially since I recently played 'Monument Valley', which incidentally is incredible if you like isometric design. Highly recommended.

Sew What? - image 1 - student project

3. Any fantastic lessons you learned along the way?

- I'm slowly making my way through all of Hayden's classes and I'm learning so much with every project. Hayden, you are a fantastic designer and teacher and thanks so much for sharing these skills. I'm so glad I found your classes, they are top notch!

- I had some problems trying to get the objects to snap to each other and/or the grid, so it was very tedious (and somewhat unsuccessful) trying to get them to match up manually using outline mode. I know it's just a setting I haven't figured out yet. Luckily, you can't tell hopefully in the finished design. I had no idea how to properly outline the entire design without accidentally outlining the inside elements of the shape, but then I realised you need to select the whole shape / outline strokes / group it / choose offset path (use a preview) / group it again / send it to the back. Sorted.

- I wasn't too sure on how to colour the shapes with partial shadow, but I think I know now (but have yet to update the design). It involves Pathfinder. Once I have the step by step done, I'll add how I did it here.

- Actions buttons are so cool! I never really used these before and I hope to use them in future projects.

Thanks for a really fun and informative class Hayden!! :)

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